Renovation in Avalon

Builder: Lloyd Theirolf, Interior Designer: Owner

Family Cottage in Margate

To accommodate an ever-growing multigenerational family, this cottage in Margate was redesigned to open up the living spaces to create more space for the family.  Bedrooms and bathrooms were reconfigured to bring them up to date, and a third floor master suite was added.  Although the fifty year old exterior materials have served our clients well, they were worn out and it was time to replace those materials with new materials of a better aesthetic and durability.  The newly designed home is intended to serve the families, children and grandchildren for many decades to come.

Builder: Bill Schnatz, Interior Designer: Need Designer

Cottage By The Sea

The existing 40 year old beach front home utilized much more of the lot than is allowed under current zoning rules, and the owners elected to renovate the existing home so that they would not have to decrease the size and therefore the utility of the home.  By careful reconstruction of the existing home, we were able to create six bedrooms, a large living, dining, kitchen area, a separate children’s play room, a den, a roof deck, a variety of exterior porch spaces and also increased the ceiling height of the main living level by one foot.  Creative and innovative use of the interior space by the interior designer allowed for interesting and fun interior amenities.

Builder: Craig Otton, Interior Designer: Michael Murphy

Beachfront in Renovation

Builder: DL Miner Construction, Interior Designer: Complete Interiors